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Campus Safety Services

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Security Services remains committed to the advancement of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion with a specific and intentional action plan to support enhanced safety, security of all persons through training and improvements in services provided in a culturally sensitive and aware manner.

Commitment of Security Services to EDI Strategy and ‘Actioning the Plan’.

We are informed on our journey of learning by many previous incidents and reports that focus our plan. Many of the reports listed have been shared with the members of Security Services and their supervisors bringing the critical issues to the forefront of discussion and learning.  This research includes, but is not limited to:

  • Jane Doe v Toronto Police Services 1998
  • HSR Arbitration Harassment in the Workplace September 2013
  • Broken Trust December 2018
  • Utah Public Safety Report – Lauren McCluskey December 2018
  • Courage to Act: National Framework to Address and Prevent Gender-Based Violence at Post-Secondary institutions in Canada 2019
  • Towards Inclusive Excellence 2019
  • Systemic Review of the Black Athletes Experience Report October 2020
  • Systemic Review of PNB Department November 2020
  • Broken Dreams Broken Lives – RCMP November 2020
  • Missing and Missed – Missing Persons Investigation in Toronto April 2021
  • Institutional Priorities and Strategic Framework 2021- 2024
  • Chicago Blackhawks Report October 2021
  • Scarborough Charter November 2021

Guided in our approach, Security Services has committed to training Special Constables in the following areas.

EDI Strategy Actions

Police Ethics and Accountability CPKN 2019 – 20 (4)
Anti Racism EIO Training Sept 9, 2020 (12)
Complexities in Security and Indigenous Relations EIO Training April 5, 2021 (19)
Understanding Anti Black Racism EIO Training April 21, 2021 (16)
Jesse Thistle Indigenous Understandings HPS / Brant. Nov 16, 2021 (20)
Trans-Inclusion and Support EIO Training April 26, 2021 (17)
2SLLGBTQ+ CPKN Feb  Mar 2021 (19)
Autism Spectrum Disorder CPKN 2019 – 2020 (18)
Victims Rights in Canada CPKN 2019 – 2020 (18)
Faith and Diversity CPKN 2020 – 2021 (18)
Items of Religious Significance – Hindu
Items of Religious Significance – Islam
Items of Religious Significance – Sikh

Sexual Violence and Protection of Women

Don’t Be A Bystander Training Interval House 2018 to date (14)
Introduction to Trauma Informed Sexual Assault CPKN 2020 (19)
Trauma Informed Sexual Violence Support EIO Training April 12, 2021 (18)
Using a Trauma Informed Response to Sex. Violence CPKN 2020 (19)
Domestic Violence CPKN 2020 (3)
Domestic Investigators Course HPS 2019 (3)

EOHSS Core Course Mandatory Requirement

Violence and Harassment in the Workplace Every 3 years (22)
AODA and Human Rights Code 2020 – 2021 (21)
Primer on Privacy Ongoing (21)
Respect in the Workplace 2019 (15)

Mental Health and Wellness

Mental Health Response McMaster Block Training (17)
Naloxone Training and Response Annual Recertification (20)
Living Works – Suicide Prevention Suicide Prevention Council (18)
McMaster Professor Hippo On Campus McMaster University Training (9)
Crisis Intervention Training HPS 2019 (4)
Drug Stigma Awareness and Law Enforcement CPKN (17)
Crisis Intervention and De-Escalation CPKN (4)
Excited Delirium Syndrome CPKN 2020 (17)
Recognition of Emotionally Disturbed Persons CPKN 20-21 (4)
Suicide Prevention CPKN 2019 (2)
Mental Health for First Responders CPKN 2019 – 20 – 21 (19)
Communicable Disease Response CPKN 2020 (19)


  • EIO:  Equity Inclusion Office of McMaster University
  • HPS:  Hamilton Police Service
  • CPKN: Canadian Policy Knowledge Network